Publications etc

Journal articles


Young, M., & Blainey, S. (2018). Railway station choice modelling: a review of methods and evidence. Transport Reviews, 38(2), 232–251. | Accepted manuscript

Young, M., & Blainey, S. (2018). Development of railway station choice models to improve the representation of station catchments in rail demand models. Transportation Planning and Technology, 41(1), 80–103. | Accepted manuscript

Conference papers


Young, M., Blainey, S., Gowland, T., & Nagella, S. (2019). An automated online tool to forecast demand for new railway stations and analyse potential abstraction effects. Paper presented at The 17th Annual Transport Practitioners' Meeting, Oxford, United Kingdom. Final version | Presentation | Demonstration video


Young, Marcus. (2017). Development of integrated demand and station choice models for local railway stations and services. Paper presented at AET European Transport Conference 2017, Barcelona, Spain, October. Final version | Presentation

Young, Marcus. (2017). Developing railway station choice models to improve rail industry demand models. Paper presented at 49th Annual UTSG Conference, Dublin, Ireland, January. Final version | Presentation


Young, Marcus. (2016). An automated framework to derive model variables from open transport data using R, PostgreSQL and OpenTripPlanner. Paper presented at 24th GIS Research UK Conference, March. Final version | Presentation

Young, M., & Blainey, S. (2016, January). Defining probability-based rail station catchments for demand modelling. Paper presented at 48th Annual UTSG Conference, Bristol, GB. Final version | Presentation

Software, user guides and tutorials

Marcus Young (2019). otpr: A wrapper for the 'OpenTripPlanner' ( REST API. Queries are submitted to the relevant 'OpenTripPlanner' API resource, the response is parsed and useful R objects are returned. View on CRAN | Development version

Young, Marcus. (2017). OpenTripPlanner - creating and querying your own multi-modal route planner. An intermediate tutorial covering the setup and querying of an OpenTripPlanner instance. Latest version and supporting materials available on GitHub.


Young, M. (2019). Modelling railway station choice: can probabilistic catchments improve demand forecasts for new stations? (Doctoral dissertation). University of Southampton (Transportation Research Group). Final version - redacted

Young, Marcus. (2010) A segment-based spatial analysis of non-motorised road traffic casualties occurring in non built-up areas of England and Wales 1999-2008 (Masters Dissertation). Ulster University. Final version