Introducing the GB Traffic Data Explorer

by Marcus
~1 minute read
Introducing the GB Traffic Data Explorer

As part of a recent research project, I developed an R Shiny application to allow users to explore a range of traffic datasets for the Solent region. The app incorporates open data from the DfT as well as data provided to us by local authorities involved in the project.

As this was quite successful, I thought it might be useful to create a GB-wide version of the app containing just the DfT data. This is now up and running at It allows you to visually explore the DfT traffic statistics for the whole of GB from 2000-2022, including count points, regional and local authority traffic volume summaries, and major road links.

Here is a quick video demonstrating the main functionality.

If you find this useful, please let me know. I'd also be interested in any suggestions for improving the app and ideas for other datasets that could be incorporated.