Railway station choice modelling: a review

by Marcus
~1 minute read

My paper reviewing previous railway station choice modelling research, has just been published in Transport Reviews. This is my first journal article to be published and the process from initial submission to paper acceptance took around 15 months, far longer than I could ever have imagined.

For around 9 months of that time the paper was back with me (and my supervisor as second author) for two revisions. The bulk of that time (nearly 6 months) was for the first revision, which involved a fairly substantial restructuring of the paper. This could have been done quicker, but at the time I was also bogged down with my research and had other deadlines to worry about, like my MPhil to PhD upgrade review, and submitting papers for future conferences. If I'm honest, I probably put off tackling the reviewers’ comments far longer than I should have, but at the time it seemed like a monumental task, and I found revisiting a paper that I'd spent so much time carefully crafting in the first place, very challenging. Without my supervisor’s encouragement I might well have given up when it was returned for a second revision, but we persevered and got there in the end. The final paper is definitely an improvement over the original submission, thanks to the feedback from the reviewers.