Current projects

Track to the Future

Track to the Future is a large multi-university EPSRC funded project ( that is helping to improve the performance and reduce the costs of Britain’s rail network. I am primarily working on the development of whole life cost and carbon modelling tools, utilising GIS to integrate and process a wide range of datasets to provide inputs to track system models.

An Automated Rail Demand Forecasting Model for New Local Railway Stations

This project leads directly on from my PhD research in which I developed integrated railway station choice and rail demand models capable of producing forecasts of passenger numbers at new station locations in GB, and of estimating levels of abstraction from existing stations. These models have already been used in practice to help the Welsh Government assess the business case for a number of proposed new railway stations across Wales. This project, funded by the University’s EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account, will develop an automated rail demand modelling tool capable of being used by industry/government employees with minimal specialised training. It will be hosted on the Data Analytics Facility for National Infrastructure (DAFNI, - one of four initial pilot projects.